Rock Bottom

Unsplash: the airdez

You feel like you fell short of where you should have been in life. You are not working in your dream job, have not started your own business, not earning the salary you thought you would. Drive the car you dreamed about or are married like you thought you would be at this point of your life.

Life just did not turn out the way you hoped it would. Or worse what you worked hard for…

I worked hard to get to where I am today. Yet I still feel like I fell short because I am not exactly where I thought I would be in life. Stepping into the real world you realize that life can be nasty. It can knock you down further than you thought. Even when you thought you were at your lowest you come to know an even deeper depth. It is at that moment that I realized life is not fair. Neither is it linear and ultimately life is how you respond.

“In the end, attitude is everything”

Focus on you. Forget what everyone else is doing. Forget about the materialistic aspects you thought your life would be about. Start focussing on who it is you want to become rather than what you want to have. In the end, attitude is everything

When you plummet to rock bottom. Fall short of whatever it is you wanted to achieve or if life simply is not playing out the script you so meticulously wrote in your mind. It is then when you have to start fighting back. Focus on who you are and who you can become despite everything that has happened or has not happened. See that although life can be bumpy, rough and nasty. It is also beautiful and is truly a precious gift.

Your breakthrough is on the other side of the suffering and the pain. Anything that is truly worthwhile is worth the fight. But the true fight is becoming who you already are. Not what you thought you were going to gain.

So I encourage you. Keep fighting. Keep working. Even if everything else fails, just keep pushing and be courageous throughout.

“Look at failures as feedback

Life is working in your favour. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. Even if everything is crashing down. You just need to decide that you are worth it to keep fighting. Because you are worth it a million times over

Everyone has their own battles. So do not compare. Focus on you first, to become the person who can truly help others.

You might not be where you wanted to be. You may not have what you dreamed of. But I promise you this.You are becoming someone you never thought you could. The question is, do you believe this? Will you fight for yourself? Can you see that you are worthy?

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. A royal priesthood worthy of our creator’s love.

Yes, you may have hit rock bottom. But what could be a better foundation to build a life on?

“I wish more people could hit rock bottom, because it would help them realize that they can do so much more”

- James Lawrence (Iron Cowboy)



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André Nel

I am a freelance writer with a passion for life, with a focus to teach people how to increase the quality of their lives and help grow leaders.