Not enough

André Nel
3 min readAug 20, 2020


(Unsplash: Tim Gouw)

How many of us do not wake up each morning thinking “Am I enough?”. The consistent self-doubt is the mental pandemic of the decade.

With all that is happening in the world, we constantly measure ourselves to the people next to us. We consider whether we are on the right track in terms of looks, money, jobs, status and so much more other factors and thinking am I really enough?

Yes, this is how the destruction of self-doubt is spreading. Comparison.

If we constantly compare ourselves to others and their measures we will never find ourselves good enough. Looking to the external like money, possessions and sometimes even other people, we try to build an image of who we try to be instead of being who we actually are. We create a false identity and lie to ourselves and then wonder why we feel so empty and lacking. The problem with this facade is that eventually it all comes crashing down.

I have been there, I understand the pain of falling from that high horse. But what I have learned from the pain is that we are all uniquely created. We were never meant to copy someone else. We were meant to use what we have been given to contribute and live extraordinary lives.

My biggest setback was always thinking that I am not doing enough.

If I were to look at people my age I discovered that they were doing way more things than I was doing. This caused me to feel behind and lacking. I felt as if I was failing in some way. The thoughts that people were contributing more to society than I was able to contribute left me empty and without meaning. It also left me ashamed when I considered the places I have never seen or the things I have never done.

Then I learned the truth

Contribution is not about volume. Contribution is about using what you have to contribute to life. It is a % of what you have been given and not about how much and what you have been given.

People are also offered different opportunities in life. But we all get them, it is just a matter of identifying them when they come around.

He who has a head start will most naturally be in front.

As I have mentioned. I have felt countless times in my life as if I was behind in the rat race. Just because I was constantly comparing myself to the person in lane next to me. I then discovered that if you started later you will be “behind”and those who started earlier will be “ahead”. But these concepts of chasing and racing are so arbitrary. That it really does not matter whether you are still “on the time-frame” just because culture and society decided on a time-frame.

So I renounce this concept of a ‘time- frame’. I am neither behind nor ahead, yet perfectly content with where I am.

We all have different paths, we all have different goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations.

So please do not despair and compare.

Life has no finish line nor destination. It only stops when you stop living.



André Nel

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