Created Enough

Unsplash: Eberhard Grossgasteiger

What really defines us?

Is it our wealth? Our clothes? Our social standing? Or even our jobs?

What if none of these define us. What if I told you that your identity, the essence of who we are, are so much more than what we can see, touch or hear?

Identity is probably the biggest issue most of us struggle with. Reason being that we are looking for something that would give us our meaning. For some it is our talents. If we were to lose our ability to perform our sports, play music or not be as intellectual or just smarter than anyone else, we would feel a sense of worthlessness. For others it might be money, social standing or what others thought of us.

But is this really what gives us meaning to who we are?

No. Our identity cannot be captured in earthly ideas or materialistic possessions. God is the only one who can define us. Because He is the one who made us and therefore created things cannot fill the role of defining who we are, because they are not eternal. God the father, the creator who is infinite in nature and unfathomable in character is big enough and eternal enough to define who we are.

Right at the beginning in Genesis He says that we were created in His image and that we were created to be very good. So how can we discount ourselves to not be very good? By His word he affirmed us at creation and even sent His son to give Himself for us on the cross where he defeated death and rose from the dead. By this very fact we can look to God without guilt and shame knowing that we are without blemish and we are good and enough.

So why be stricken with anxiety, fear and condemnation when things don’t work out the way we hoped or be dismayed when we feel someone else disapproves? For He that is within us is so much greater than He that is within the world. We therefore are more than made right with God, we are loved, treasured and acknowledged by Him.

So no longer shall we be defined by any external validation, efforts or things. But rather we shall look to the glory and righteousness of Him who made us right with God, knowing that our identity is hidden in Him and rooted in something that cannot be destroyed, cannot grow old or cannot be lost nor replaced.

You were created to be enough as you are!



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André Nel

I am a freelance writer with a passion for life, with a focus to teach people how to increase the quality of their lives and help grow leaders.