Be still and know

Unsplash: OC Gonzalez

How often do we become still? Log out of Instagram. Put down our phones. Switch off the TV and take off that watch that is constantly keeping us up to date on what everyone else is doing or saying?

. Yet we constantly participate in the rat race rather than experiencing the amazing wonder of just “being”.

“Being productive and active is a good thing. Too much of a good thing can be bad”

The world was created and the seventh day was declared to be a rest day. Whether you are a believer or not. The experience that we call life is meant for our creation. Yet we are consuming so much, that we never make time to create ourselves. Creativity stems from that peace or necessity that comes from within, but it’s true power can only become realised when we learn to be still and spend time with our creator as well as ourselves.

We have forgotten who we are. As a new age of technology is sweeping in fast. We are becoming more and more disconnected to not only who we are but who other people are.

I challenge you to ignore that ‘PING!” your phone makes. Or to go a day without checking what your friends from school, whom you never really talk to anymore are doing. I bet you will become extremely uncomfortable, because you will have to spend time with yourself for a change. You will be forced to sit still and think about what you are truly doing in and with your life.

But here is the beauty of it all…

When you become still, not only will you realize who you are. You will finally see who you can become, because you were created to be so much more than you can possibly realize.

Head into the mountains. Go swim in the ocean. Listen to the birds sing. Watch the sunset. No music. No screen. No photos to share with anyone. Instead enjoy the heaven’s symphony and the vast canvas in front of you. Soak it in with lenses that you see all with. Know yourself. Know Him. I promise you, you will truly be forever transformed.

Whether you have a meditation practice. Go for a run (My personal favourite) or just sit still for 10 minutes enjoying the aroma of a cup of coffee relaxing and being still. You will find comfort in the uncomfortable.

Stillness is not ‘without thought’ or a monk like practice. Neither is it a breathing exercise or super spiritual training. Rather, it is the intention of being present in the moment. Realising you are part of a creation so much bigger than you can fathom, yet so important and loved that you were designed for intimacy with God. It is getting to know yourself, by learning who He truly is.



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André Nel

I am a freelance writer with a passion for life, with a focus to teach people how to increase the quality of their lives and help grow leaders.